Banana pancakes


Our favourite recipe. We’ve shared it with dozens of families over the last few years. It’s quick, easy, and I’ve never met a child who doesn’t like it. Or a grown-up, come to that…


  • 1 banana per per adult
  • 1 egg per adult
  • 2 dessertspoons of ground almonds per adult (plus butter or oil for frying)

Scale the quantities for your child’s appetite. Mine can eat a full banana’s worth.

  • Mash bananas in a large bowl
  • Break eggs into mashed banana and mix
  • Stir in ground almonds
  • Heat some melted butter or oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and drop in spoonfuls of mixture. Cook until golden on one side, then flip and repeat
  • Serve the pancakes on their own, or with some yoghurt and berries

You can add pretty much anything to this mixture. We’ve tried mixing in cinnamon, raisins, sultanas, dried apricots, fresh blueberries, blackcurrents from the garden, frozen cherries… not all at once though.

If you’re feeding lots of people and don’t want to faff around dropping spoonfuls of mix in a pan, you can make one big pancake. Simply pour all of the mix into a large frying pan over a low heat, cover with a lid, then when it has set enough, slide it onto a plate to turn.

You can use flour instead of almonds – we’ve used both plain and self raising Doves Farm gluten-free flour to good effect. Or you can use a mix of flour and almonds.

They work really well cold as a snack for toddlers (and older children too). I think they would probably freeze well. If you make a batch that lasts long enough to try freezing, please let me know how that goes…


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  1. Skintcooking says:

    My partner loves bananas and is into the health kick so will give this a try thanks :)

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