About us

This blog is about eating healthy, tasty food with no refined sugar, especially when feeding a family.

We’re a UK based family of three; a wheat-free mum (me), a sugar-free primary school age girl (Little L) and a dad who eats what he wants with no ill effects apart from occasional smugness about it.

We’ve shared some of our own recipes and signposted other delicious creations on websites and in good old-fashioned books.

I studied some naturopathic nutrition, finding out the best ways to eat for my own health. However I’m not qualified to offer individual advice on nutrition. If you’re looking for advice, I recommend finding a local nutritional therapist who is qualified and is a member of an accrediting body.

I am passionate about the effect good food can have for everyone but don’t believe there is one “right” way to eat. I would encourage anyone interested to find out more about how food affects them – there’s a wealth of information out there… You might not find all your own answers straight away but I hope you enjoy the journey.

Bon appetit!



Image: “Peppers” by Liz West, CC BY

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