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Free from

Our meals are sugar-free and wheat-free.

This is simply because different members of our household react badly to them.

I’m not concerned about any lack of nutrients as a result of cutting these ingredients out – hopefully you’ll agree if you’re familiar with the range of amazing recipes and substitutes available. Most foods high in wheat and sugar are pretty low in other nutrients so are really no loss; the things we eat instead are generally far more nourishing.

This way of eating does maintain a healthy weight for our family. However, this is a happy side effect, not an emphasis on weight control. We eat this way for the improved health and energy.


Click on the “fast” category if you just want to get food on the table. Some recipes might take a while to cook, but be very efficient to prepare. And some meals here are more langourous, as I’ll admit to enjoying a good old cook when there’s time. Any hacks for feeding a family quickly all welcome…


Food cooked from first principles. It’s cheaper, healthier, tastier and doesn’t have to take all afternoon.


My philosophy is to buy the best quality ingredients I can. Not the supermarket posh ranges, but well-sourced, ethically produced and organic if possible.
How is this frugal? I see food as an investment. I’d far rather drive a beat up granny car and furnish my house from flea-markets (and I do!) than have to cut down my food budget.
Smaller amounts of really good, juicy meat have enough taste to flavour lots of accompanying healthy stuff.
And if times are leaner, I simply try to adjust which foods we eat rather than the quality.

Family Food

Not children’s food, but family food.

Don’t get me started on “children’s menus”…